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CA OPSMVS 13.0 : How to expand PREREQ and MISSING_PREREQ columns in Resource Table - SSM V2


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


In CA OPSMVS the Resource tables store information about the status of each resource. You could place data on all of your system resources in a single table. However, we recommend that you create a separate resource table for each type of resource. For example, you create a table for VTAM nodes, another table describing printers, and so on.
The Using Guide section ' Resource Tables'  reports the following explanation: 
Displays a list of resources that must be in an UP state before SSM can start the subsystem. 
Maximum Length: 1000 characters 

Displays a list of the prerequisite resources that have not been satisfied. A VARCHAR definition is 
used to conserve memory. 
Maximum Length: 1000 characters 

How is it possible to expand PREREQ and MISSING_PREREQ columns from char(200) to varchar(1000)? 




It is possible to expand PREREQ and MISSING_PREREQ columns from char(200) to varchar(1000) but, since we have no way of just modifying a column definition in RDF, it is necessary to create in OPSVIEW 2.6 editor menu a new table using the old one as the model table and update the column definitions for the PREREQ and MISSING_PREREQ columns. Then the Transfer command can be used to copy the data from the old table into the new one.