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Is there a way to find a task based on Task ID or Resource Name?


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Is it possible to do a search in Clarity PPM on a Task ID or Resource Name? We are trying to track down what project a task belongs to, we have the Task ID, Resource Name and ETC.


Component: ODPRM


Option 1: There's an Advanced Reporting report called Resource Assignments by Task that can help. While it doesn't have the Task ID, it is broken down by Resource and shows the amount of ETC. that can be used to match up the ETC and Resource

Option 2:  From the Resource Allocations page
  1. Go to Home->Resource Planning->Resources
  2. Click on the Resource
  3. Click on the Allocations tab
  4. Click on the link to the project
  5. Click on the Tasks tab for the project,
  6. Select Assignments from the Tasks tab drop down
  7. On this page, you can filter on the resource to see if the task comes up
Option 3: From Organizer ->Tasks section (Logged in as user task is assigned to)
  1. Log in as the user the task is assigned to
  2. Go to Home->Personal->Organizer->Tasks
  3. Add Task ID to the column view
  4. Cross reference the Task ID with the amount of ETC if multiple tasks have the same amount of ETCs
Option 4: <For On Premise customers> Using the below queries can help depending on whether you have the Task ID or Task Name
  • select * from PRTASK where prname = 'task name' 
  • select * from PRTASK where PREXTERNALID = 'Task ID'
Note the 'PRPROJECTID' from one of the above queries then run:
 select * from inv_investments where id = 'PRPROJECTID' from query above 

This will give you the project ID and name

Option 5: You can also create a custom portlet using Task as the Data Provider