CA Web Viewer 12.1 BBOO0404E JVM OUT OF MEMORY
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CA Web Viewer 12.1 BBOO0404E JVM OUT OF MEMORY


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Trying to access a huge file which causes an out of memory problem. We would like to know how we can restrict the user to access the larger size file. Can we set the users for size limit to access the maximum file size?


CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1
Web Sphere


Limit the Number of pages

You can limit the number of pages users can download in the role definitions. This will have to be done for each role
1) Go the Administration tab->Role tab
2) Click Role name
3) On the right hand side, select the Properties tab
4) Under Action Limits, Reports Action, you can Select Enable with page limit for emailing, file saving, printing and exporting
5) Click update on the upper right 6) Repeat for any other role
NOTE: Just browsing a large report should not cause the out of memory condition as the whole report is not downloaded for browse.
6) You can identify the users are requesting large downloads by using the auditing option in the Web Viewer Administration. I would not recommend checking all of the auditing options, which could have, depending on the number of users, some impact on performance, but I would suggest checking Exporting of Documents Saving of Documents That can be done by a System Admin for the Web Viewer at Administration->Preferences->Auditing Settings I would suggest Daily "File rolling". They should come out as .csv files where the CAOMWV12_HOME is pointing to for the WebSphere. That is found in the console at: Servers->WebSphere Application servers->->Java and Process Management->Process Definition->Environment Entries


1) Turn off the tracing in the JCL Card // LOGLVL=' 3)
2) The place in the WebSphere console to verify/change the heap size is Application servers > [server name] > Process definition > Java Virtual Machine
3) The Garbage collection setting to be -Xgcpolicy:optthruput