ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly not working for datamaker connection properties


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We have the follwoing set of paramters sent into our connections:

integrated security=SSPI,Persist Security Info=False,encrypt=true,ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly

We have this in parameter settings for our Prod application databases data source connections, but it is not working in our environment. When ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly is set, all the SQL queries need to run on the secondary node, but that is not the behavior that we are noticing. We need to know how to set ReadOnly for our PROD where where the data should be read only.


TDMWeb 4.6


This is resolved with TDMWeb- as well as being placed in the 4.8 GA.  Please contact BC Support for this patch or later to enable this functionality.  This is considered an enhancement and not an error.