Questions concerning Cycle in DBMODEL


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CA MICS Resource Management


 We want to run 4 times by days the update of the base MICS to have the information at several moments of a day.

To do that, we need to modify the cycle in the DBMODEL of each component.

Do you know if we can put a cycle > 100 for the DETAIL and DAY?

If that's not possible, do you know if there is another solution to update the component 4 times by day? 


Running MICS r14.1


99 is the maximum # of cycles allowed.

We suggest running the Incremental database updates thoughout the day as the incrementals create a Detail and Days level database which can be reported on throughout the day. 

Additional Information

In this case, you would schedule three incremental updates at whatever times during the day you want, then the normal DAILY runs after midnight as usual which will process any SMF data after the last incremental and then process the incremental Detail and Days databases into the main MICS Detail and Days files.

You can do this for the components you are interested in doing this interim reporting during the day.

This method also does not mess up the cycles in the main database.  If  he were to run 4 DAILY jobs, It would eventually get to be a challenge to figure out which 4 cycles was last Friday for example.  

With incremental, the incremental DB is the accumulation of today only, and the main DB cycles are preserved for 01 is yesterday, 02, the day before, and so on.