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Unable to approve request from USS web url

Error in web developer tools
SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'length' of undefined or null reference
request-details.js (154,11)


Catalog configuration  under Request Management Configuration   the 'Access Control: Show General Information' roles were empty

Note: the "General Information" form details are will not show on the offering on USS page if the above details are missing


Service Desk Manager 17.1
Distributed Environment
CA Service Catalog 17.2 
CA USS 17.2


Follow below steps to correct the Catalog configuration 

1. Login to the Catalog web UI application
2. Go to Catalog Tab - Configuration - Request Management Configuration
3. Select the "Access Control" configuration items
4. If empty, update the option "Access Control: Show General Information" with the required roles as per your environment.
Note: By default GA version, the above item will have values "Service Delivery Administrator, Super Business Unit Administrator, Administrator, Request Manager, Catalog Administrator, Service Manager, End User, Catalog User"
5. Login tot USS and try to approve a request and it should update the request with approved status