Where to find ENWSInstallOptions.properties if I install Endevor using MSM


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I am going to install Endevor V18 using MSM, and looking for ENWSInstallOptions.properties for Web Services, where could I find this file?


Release: ENIDM000200-18.0-Endevor-Software Change Manager-Integrations for Enterprise-Dev


ENWSInstallOptions.properties can't be found if only Endevor SCM Base is installed, It is recommended to install both Endevor SCM Base and Endevor Web Services on the same CSI at the same time. 

Choose 'custom installation' from the installation types selection list

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Then choose both 'CA Endevor SCM' and 'CA Endevor SCM for Web Services' from the installation features to install both base Endevor and Web Services at the same time on the same CSI. 

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Set USS File System HLQ for for VSAM data set CSIQUSSM, and USS Directory which is the mount point for CSIQUSSM.

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After successful CSM(MSM) installation, ENWSInstallOptions.properties can be found under tpv - subdirectory of the USS path (mount point for CSIQUSSM - ZFS file system for Web Services).
$ pwd 
$ ls 
software tpv 
$ cd tpv 
$ ls 
ENWSIns.sh EndevorWS-workflow.properties 
ENWSInstallOptions.properties EndevorWS-workflow.xml 
ENWSInstallOptions.properties.bak PreValid.sh 
ENWSUpd.sh SubmitJob.sh 
ENWSVal.sh Validate.jar 
ENWSacf2.sh enwscv.zip 
ENWSracf.sh tomcat 



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