Users get a CICS error trying to singon to a CICS region using ACF2 security
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Users get a CICS error trying to singon to a CICS region using ACF2 security


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Individuals endeavoring to sign on to CICS region CICSABC receive the following type of message:

DFHAC2016 05/07/2019 14:33:20 CICSABC Transaction CESN cannot run because program ACFAEUSC is not available.


Component: ACF2MS


When a transaction is issued, CICS looks at the RDO, finds the transaction, which points to a program. Then it tries to execute the program. CICS could not find the program. Program ACFAEUSC is in the ACF2 CICS library.  Make sure the ACF2/CICS install steps were done:

Step 2: Update RDO Definitions - this will point CESN to the proper program, but you need to make sure the proper group is being run, not the default group for CESN that IBM supplies.

Step 5: Translate and Assemble Command-Level User Programs - A CICS interface command-level sign-on program (ACFAEUSC) is available for use under all CICS releases. 

Additional Information

The IBM message says this:
Explanation Transaction tranid is not executable because the initial program for transaction tranid is not available. Possible reasons for this are

1) The program is missing.
2) The installed program definition is missing.
3) The program is disabled.
4) The program name in the installed transaction definition is invalid.
5) The installed transaction has been defined as remote and therefore has no program name, but the name of the remote system is the same as that of the local system.
6) The program requires a JVM to run but JVM initialization failed.
7) The autoinstall program abended while attempting to load the program.
8) The Language Environment options specified in DFHJVMRO are too long.
9) The program requires a JVM Server to run but the JVM Server is not available.

User response
Determine the cause of the error using the list given in the Explanation. The response depends on the reason as follows

1) Load the program into the CICS program library.
2) Create an installed program definition for the program.
3) Enable the program.
4) Use a valid program name in the installed transaction definition.
5) Carry out whichever of the following is appropriate Use a local version of this transaction. Use the correct remote version of this transaction.
6) For JVM programs check the CSMT log for further information as to why JVM initialization failed.
7) Check the job output for further information as to why the autoinstall program abended.
8) Remove any unnecessary options and abbreviate any Language Environment option keywords, where possible, in your source for DFHJVMRO.