Subscriptions are not public with OM Web Viewer 12.1
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Subscriptions are not public with OM Web Viewer 12.1


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A default user creates a public subscription, but other users cannot see it. In order for other users to see it, the SYSAdmin has to go to the Administration Tab, selecting Role and selecting Default User, and move the subscriptions under ‘Available Subscriptions’ to the ‘Selected Subscriptions’. Why aren't public subscriptions truly public?


Output Management Web Viewer 12.1



Default users are not allowed to assign subscriptions to other users.  Only group admins and sys admins can do this according to certain guidelines stated below.  



Q. Who can create subscriptions?
A. Advanced Users, Group Admins and SysAdmins

Q. Who can assign subscriptions?
A. Group Admins and Sysadmins.  
Group Admins can only assign subscriptions to users they have created.

Q. What does private and public mean in regard to subscriptions?
A. Private means only the creator of the subscription can assign it to others.  Public means any Group Admin or SysAdmin who can edit the role can assign it to others.

Steps to create a subscription:

  1. You must have at least one favorite available.
  2. From the Subscriptions tab, click Create.
  3. Enter a Subscription Name.
  4. Enter a Subscription Description.
  5. On the reports tab, users of the subscription will see this explanation of the subscription contents.
  6. Select Private or Public:
    Private   Only the creator with admin rights can assign a private subscription to other roles.
    Public     Any System or Group Administrator who can edit the role can assign it to others.
  7. Select at least one favorite. From the subscription tab favorites list, locate a favorite that you want to designate as part of the subscription and select the checkbox in the left column.
  8. Click the Create button at the top right corner of the pane. The subscription is created.

Steps to assign a subscription  (Admins only)

  1. From the Subscriptions pane you can see a list of the subscriptions you created. You will also see all the public subscriptions created by other admins.
  2. Go to the administration tab
  3. Select role
  4. Click on role name
  5. Click on subscriptions on the right
  6. On the right move the subscription to the right using the arrow
  7. Click on update in the upper right

For more information about favorites and subscriptions, refer to Managing Subscriptions and Favorites in our online documentation.  For best results while searching, select the  PDF icon to the left of the version number and save a copy of the manual.  Please note that updates to the manual are made periodically.