ada_inventory probe is not registering with UIM


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Getting the following messages in the ada_inventory logs

May 06 09:37:24:584 [Connection tester - 1, ada_inventory] Registration <NAME> is invalid. ADA at [] is is already registered with another UIM.
May 06 09:37:24:584 [Connection tester - 1, ada_inventory] The specified ADA instance defined by [<NAME>] is already being monitored by another portal.  Inventory can be reported, but this portal will not be registered to ADA.


Component: UIMADA


To resolve that problem, go into the ADA database and issued the following command: 

use super; 
delete from parameter_descriptions where Parameter like ‘uim%’ 

That deletes two properties that the probe uses. When they’re not there, the probe believes that the ADA isn’t integrated.

Then restart the probe and it should then re-create those properties.

Additional Information

Before editing the table in the mysql database, you can backup the table from commandline:

mysqldump super parameter_descriptions >parambackup.sql