How to eliminate a decommissioned LPAR from the MIMplex
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How to eliminate a decommissioned LPAR from the MIMplex


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MIM Resource Sharing (MIM) MIM Data Sharing (MII) MIM Tape Sharing (MIA) MIM Message Sharing (MIC)


Looking to know how to remove a system from a MIMplex.

An existing MIMplex is defined with 10 LPARS. Of those, 1 LPAR has been decommissioned. What actions are needed to eliminate the decommissioned LPAR from the remaining LPARS MII/sysplex?


Component: MII


There are 3 options that can be followed:

Option 1:

Do absolutely nothing - let the old system stay FREED - it has no impact on the product - this is obviously the easiest option.

Option 2:

Follow the procedures described in the scenario doc we have for MIM 12.5. These procedures are applicable to any release of CA MIM. 

  • This process does not actually delete the system from the control file, it just hides it from the DISPLAY SYSTEMS command.
  • This process also requires that you LEAVE the decommissioned system on the DEFSYS statement.

Option 3:

This option will permanently remove the systems from the MIM control file and requires careful modification of various MIM definitions.

Note: Because it's not safe to shutdown MIM due to the risk of exposing integrity exposures while MIM is down, with this option we would recommend an IPL of all systems except one to perform the activity. If an IPL is not possible, be sure all system activity is stopped prior to shutting down MIM on all but the one remaining system. This last option is the least used due to the major outage involved.

  1. Start by following the last step in the applicable scenario as documented above in option #2. Being sure to remove all references to the old system, including DEFSYS, CTCPATH, IFSYS etc...
  2. Shutdown MIM on ALL systems
  3. Restart MIM with FORMAT=BOTH on the first system and FORMAT=CHKPT on the remaining systems.