PAM A2A error "No such file or directory" when starting
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PAM A2A error "No such file or directory" when starting


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


After installing the A2A client, when trying to run the cspmclientd script to start A2A the following error is received:

./cspmclientd: line 5: THE_CLIENT_HOME/cspmcliet/bin/.cspmclientrc: No such file or directory 


A2A Agent for Unix / Linux


The cspmclientd script is unable to find the required ".cspmclientrc" file because the path is incorrect. There are multiple reasons why this could happen:
  1. If the path says "THE_CLIENT_HOME" this usually means the A2A agent wasn't installed correctly
  2. If the path says something else then either something was incorrectly modified post-install or there could have been some kind of error during installation


Depending on the exact error there are different solutions:
  1. If the path says "THE_CLIENT_HOME" then A2A will need to be removed and re-installed
    • The most common mistake that leads to this is trying to unzip the packages directly. Note that A2A is installed using a setup_unix script, NOT by manually unzipping the files. See the A2A Install link under Additional Info for instructions.
  2. If the path says something else then it may be possible to correct this by editing the file otherwise a re-install will be required
    • File to edit: <A2A_home>/cspmclient/bin/cspmclientd
    • The path is written out twice in the first few lines, fix both lines (samples below) to the current correct path:
      • CSPM_CLIENT_HOME="/opt/catech"
      • . /opt/catech/cspmclient/bin/.cspmclientrc
    • Save the file and try starting A2A again. If this still fails then a reinstall of A2A is likely required.

Additional Information

A2A Install (Unix / Linux) Documentation: