Clarity PPM: Performance issues are encountered by end users OnPremise Environment


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One or more of the following symptoms are reported:

-Slowness with Clarity pages. All actions require a wait of up to a minute before the action occurs.
-The performance is poor after a migration or upgrade.



Go to the Administration > Security and Diagnostics > Log Analysis page.

Check if there is any issue coinciding with what the userbase is reporting compared to the generated graphs.


Component: PPMPRD


Here are items to check:

1. Make sure the database requirements from the documentation have not changed.

2. Provide the following to the Support team in a compression file:
For Oracle, provide the html version of the AWR report.
For SQL Server, provide the Top Performance reports.

3. Review the  Administration > Security and Diagnostics > Log Analysis page.
In order for the graphs to be populated, make sure the job (Tomcat access log import/analyze) is ran on a daily basis.