CA Web Viewer 12.1 Usage Reporting from Audit Log
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CA Web Viewer 12.1 Usage Reporting from Audit Log


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Output Management Web Viewer


Is there some type of reporting available such as the CA View SARMET01 program produces? I cannot seem to find anything in the documentation.


CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1

CA View



This is the auditing available with Web Viewer 12.1:

  • CA View annotations
  • File Upload
  • Email
  • Export
  • Print
  • Save
  • View
  • User logged in Time
  • CA View Edit Comments in report list

You can configure this from the Administration tab->Auditing Settings:

And configure how often the log is created and whether it rolls. Click Update in the upper right to save.

It writes a csv file which you can choose to roll or not on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Auditing everything might take a lot of resources, so please be aware of that. 

If you bring up online help and search for Auditing, it gives you a lot of additional information on what is audited and how it works.

To view the audit log from Web Viewer, go to Web Statistics Tab->Audit log.

You can open the audit log in Excel. It is located in, for example: C:\Program Files\CA\CA_OM_Web_Viewer\logs

Here are the headings from the Audit log. Date_Time, User ID, Remote ID, IP Address, User Role, Repository Name, Repository Connection Definition, Report Identifier, Action, Starting Page, Total Page(s), Details, Connection Duration