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AWI V12 - Child Task Execution view shows message "No execution entries available" if there are more than 1000 records


Article ID: 131816


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When attempting to view the statistical records for Child Task Executions, instead of the executions being displayed, you receive an error message stating "No execution entries available"


This occurs if the number of Child Task Executions contains more records than the maximum defined within the GENERIC_STATISTICS_LIMIT within the UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS variable. 


Component: AAUTWI


The issue was found and fixed with:
Automic.Web.Interface 12.0.8 released 05-07-2019
Automic.Web.Interface 12.1.5 pending release.
Automic.Web.Interface 12.2.3 pending release.
Automic.Web.Interface 12.3.0 pending release.

Hotfix-Description: The Child Task Executions view shows "No execution entries available" if the number of entries in the list exceeds 1000 A problem has been fixed where the Child Task Execution view displayed the message "No execution entries available" if the list contained more records than the maximum defined in GENERIC_STATISTIC_LIMIT in the UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS system variable. workaround: in UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS please set GENERIC_STATISTICS_LIMIT to 5000. (any value larger than the number of child tasks).