Harvest slow performance
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Harvest slow performance


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


Performance of Harvest is extremely slow. Restart hserver processes twice Wed early AM. Two applications reporting in excess of 20 minutes to check in typical source files. Log files will be uploaded soon as possible.


Component: HDATA


Last yesterday on the Oracle server we added 3 temporary CPUs, changed a thread count setting from 8 to 4, and restarted the server to remove over 60 'defunct' processes. User response time comments this morning (limited number of users ) is that response is good. We will watch the server during the day as load increases. This was intended as a temporary fix to try to reduce or avoid the slowness issue affecting all Harvest users. We do not know the root cause and I feel we will still encounter slowness. If this occurs, then hopefully the extra CPUs and updates will allow the DB server to not completely overload. DBA have also identified some explain plans that will be updated and gather STATS on a couple of tables. I think I have finally gotten the DBA team to look at the server performance as I have believed for a long time it was not adequately configured. These are times done this morning after the updates last night.