How to Add Multiple Folders to the Work Area
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How to Add Multiple Folders to the Work Area


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


In the documentation I found and under the Add Multiple Folders to the Work Area section it mentions that you can add folders that don’t have Harvest Project files which sounds like we could add the virtuals that way.


Component: HINTGR


We may have found a work around for this. If you set the work area name to the exact same name as the virtual root and then set the client path one level above that then it will ask you if you want to “overwrite” the folder, which sounds scary, but as long as you make sure to uncheck the “Populate WorkArea from Repository” option doesn’t seem to actually do anything to the target folder but add the project file. We just need someone doing active development to test run this and we will know for sure if this is workable.