MU Directories cannot be modified after Node of Residence change


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Management Units Directories cannot be modified ( updated or deleted) anymore (either by UVC or by command line) if a Directory was created while the Node of residence was different than the current one.

1) Create a management unit MU_DIRECTORY and add a MU directory pointing to a folder like /tmp/ug2.
2) Change the node of residence of the MU and Save it ( ie put node2)
3) Modify the parameters or delete the previously created MU Directory (instead of /tmp/ug2 put /tmp/ug3) , upon saving you will get this error.

In UVC, we get the error:
The related object could not be found [MU_DIRECTORY][]

In univiewer.log:

|ERROR||BackgroundWorker-20||error while saving MU 
com.orsyp.api.ObjectNotFoundException: Object not found - MuDirectoryId: MU_DIRECTORY - [COMPANY/node/X]

In universe.log:
|ERROR|X|IO |pid=p.t| owls_mu_dir_read          | cannot read MU [MU_DIRECTORY][M000000004], err=[3]


MU Directories should be able to be updated even if the Node of residence has been modified 


Dollar Universe 6


Workaround: find out what was the previous Node of Residence, modify the UG pointing to it, modify the Directory (ie delete it) and then change the Node of Residence and the Directory.

Solution: update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version(s): 
Component: Univiewer.Console
Dollar Universe 6.10.01 - Released 30th May 2019