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APP PERF MANAGEMENT CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGER INTROSCOPE


This document intent to give a brief about Agent consumption, the experience was made using a Tomcat application with Java Agent 10.1 release.

How percentage CA Introscope Java Agent consume from the application resources?


CA Introscope Java Agent 10.1.
Tomcat application.


Resources Consumption
This document contains the results of tests done to measure resource memory consumption by the Microservices Profile.

Provides a configuration that has a foot print of less than 5 MB Heap compared to Tomcat Typical of around 12 MB Heap. This uses the CA APM Tomcat Agent installation. This configuration disables SQL and JMX metrics, setups up BA to be enabled via container parameters and increases Transaction Trace visibility. This configuration is for APM 10.3, but could be applied to other versions of APM as well. Goal: To find optimized settings of APM agent to reduce resources below 5 MB Heap.

Test #1
When: 2016 December
What: APM 10.1
Who: Abi Mohan
Tomcat Java Agent testing

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Test #2
Who: Kondichetty Joel, Anil K <[email protected]>
When: 20180808
What: APM 10.7 sp1

Overall Summary :
· The dumps specify that CA APM is the second largest consumer of heap (16%) whereas 24% is consumed by their internal application class loaders which is the highest consumer of heap.
· The heap consumption by APM over a period appears to be stable.
· There are no leaks observed.
· The size of the cache signifies object checkout and check-ins as expected and according to design.
· Overhead across the dumps averages to 16.5% of the total heap whereas our findings in our lab with OOB settings according to the below report is around 34%.
Table that include both profiles (SI = high, SI = low) For the microservices profile SI=low has little improvement over SI = high.

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Additional Information

Above description does not apply for every Agent deployed, It was just a test to give a brief about resource consumption. Resource consumption depend directly from what is being monitored, how much PDB is being utilized, size of the application being utilized, application connections and etc.
If you want to know how much memory the Agent deployed in your environment is consuming, raise a ticket into and request the analyze, make sure to take a HeapDump before raise the ticket.


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