DB001036 C-4M321: Table <TABLE NAME> definition/DB out of sync
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DB001036 C-4M321: Table <TABLE NAME> definition/DB out of sync


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For SQL defined databases, CA-IDMS uses synchronization stamps to ensure consistency between the data and the catalog definition that describes the data.
A DB001036 error is an indication that this consistency has been broken.


CA-IDMS, all supported releases.


The most typical cause of DB001036 is that in an SQL-defined database, either the database or the catalog has been backed and up restored independently of the other, resulting in the synchronization stamps in the two clashing.
However, it can also be the result of not being CONNECTed to the correct catalog when running various utilities.


If a program is issuing DC001036 messages, make sure that any involved utilities, for example FORMAT, LOAD, INSTALL STAMPS, SYNCHRONIZE STAMPS, have been run while CONNECTed to the correct catalog.
It is not necessarily SYSTEM and in most cases it won't be.
Also, note that if the database has been FORMATted BY FILE, a manual INSTALL STAMPs must be run.

When the SQL commands are issued you will CONNECT TO a DBNAME that contains both the SQL catalog segment (where the definitions reside) and the SQL data segment.   Make sure both are pointing to the correct Catalog and Data areas/files.

In one case where this error occurred we saw that the DMCL being used in a local mode IDMSBCF job pointed to DSNs for the wrong Data Area Files.  When the correct DD/DSNs were added to the JCL to point to the correct Data files that matched the definitions in the Catalog the error did not occur.   The DMCL File DSNs had to be corrected.

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