sqlserver probe generates alarm for the ls_secondary_last_restored_latency checkpoint


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The sqlserver probe generates errors similar to the following on some MSSQL Server databases for the ls_secondary_last_restored_latency  checkpoint"

profile <profile name>, instance <database instance>, log shipping secondary server, last restored latency is not available for version n/a

For other monitored MSSQL Server databases, the sqlserver probe does not raise this alarm.


Log Shipping monitoring checkpoints added in the 4.40 release of sqlserver are only valid when monitoring MSSQL Server database versions 2005 and later.


UIM Server:  Any version
sqlserver probe:  any version from 4.40 on


As stated on the sqlserver (SQL Server Monitoring) Release Notes -> Revision History Wiki page starting with the 4.40 release of the sqlserver probe:

" Added new checkpoints ls_primary_status, ls_secondary_status, ls_primary_time_since_last_backup, ls_secondary_time_since_last_copy, ls_secondary_time_since_last_restore and ls_secondary_last_restored_latency checkpoints for monitoring Log Shipping in SQLServer 2005 and above."

This also applies to Express Editions of any MSSQL Server version.  It is not possible to implement Log Shipping in SQL Server Express Edition.  It appears this is not possible because SQL Server Agent Services are not available with Express editions.   Since this feature cannot be implemented in SQL Server Express Editions, the sqlserver probe generates alarms if any Log Shipping checkpoints are enabled when monitoring these versions of SQL Server.