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REST API subscription for alarms repeats alarms when SS is restarted


Article ID: 131768


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CA Spectrum


After configuring a REST API to pull alarms with a subscription, when the SpectroSERVER process is restarted, the API will flood the subscription with all the alarms active on the SS, even though they had previously come through and been processed prior to the SpectroSERVER restart.


When the SpectroSERVER is restarted, existing alarms are removed from the cache and persistent alarms are added back into the cache on the OneClick console. Then, when the REST GET is run on the subscription id, it displays them as a new alarm even though the alarm id is the same.


Release: 20.2.x
Component: SPCAPP - Spectrum Applications


This is functioning as designed. The recommendation is to keep a log of the active alarm id's and compare the added alarm id's with this log to determine if the alarm should be processed further.