UVMS: unidpl PKG does not close sockets properly
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UVMS: unidpl PKG does not close sockets properly


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


The UVMS process does not close the Sockets that were used during the deployment of a package via the command "unidpl PKG" against the port of the uxioserv - area EXP of the reference node.

This generates a "File-Descriptor" leak for every deployment and can eventually freeze UVMS as soon as the process reaches the UXMAXFD limit (8000 by default).

Launching lsof -p UVMS_PID returns a lot of CLOSE_WAIT sockets hours after the deployment.


UVMS 6 where the command "unidpl PKG" is launched 


UVMS Sockets were not properly closed against the IO X port of the Dollar Universe node.


Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version(s): 
Component: Univiewer.Management.Server
Dollar Universe 6.10.01 - Released 30th May 2019

Additional Information

In order to investigate a Socket Leak the following section needs to be added into the file 'log4j.xml' on folder data of the UVMS: 

 <category name="com.orsyp.std.ConnectionTraceLogger" additivity="false"> 
   <level value="TRACE"/> 
   <appender-ref ref="UNI_SIZE_LIMITER"/>

A restart of the UVMS is necessary to see the following kind of traces in uvserver.log:
2019-04-29 20:28:07TRACErequest-worker-10com.orsyp.std.ConnectionTraceLoggerTAKE Taken: 528037, Recycled: 528035, Balance: 2 
2019-04-29 20:28:07TRACErequest-worker-10com.orsyp.std.ConnectionTraceLoggerRECY Taken: 528037, Recycled: 528036, Balance: 1