MQ Monitor: "Reason code 2235 MQRC_CFH_ERROR
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MQ Monitor: "Reason code 2235 MQRC_CFH_ERROR


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Seeing a lot of the Reason code 2235 MQRC_CFH_ERROR messages in the logs.

According to this webpage, this is a known defect and is resolved CA APM 10.5.2. SP2
Defect DE275824 - MQ Monitor: "Reason code 2235 MQRC_CFH_ERROR"

Valid for: CA APM 9.7-10.5, CA APM IBM WebSphere MQ Connectors, and Messaging System Symptom:

After configuring MQ Agent to monitor MQ8 and IIB9, MQ agent connection status fluctuates and metrics are not reported correctly.
The MQ logs show a "Reason code 2235 MQRC_CFH_ERROR". 


CA APM 10.3
MQMonitor - IIB10 
IIB10 MQ Monitor Field Pack 



The problem occurs whenever MQMonitor sends huge queries to MQ server. Then the MQ server will not able to handle the responses properly. In such cases, it throws the exception error and MQMonitor starts reporting 2235 error after that.


To make the MQ server handle the responses properly, Engineering created functionality to divide the huge query into number of small queries and send each one separately, by making use of regex in the file. The issue is fixed in APM 10.5 SP2 and above.

The regex is edited to address these portieres on the file.

<Queue Manager>@<Host>.queue.filter.includeonly.regex
<Queue Manager>@<Host>.channel.filter.includeonly.regex

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MQ Motioning:

IIB 10 monitoring: