Check Calendars Attached to Software Delivery Jobs


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In ITCM Software Delivery, in order to take advantage of 'Calendar-ing' to control when jobs are allowed or not allowed to execute, you must right-click and 'attach' a calendar to a computer group via Software Jobs => Job Execution Calendar => Attach/Detach.

This works, however, there is a major problem that prevents its effective use: There is NO WAY to tell IF a calendar has been applied, WHERE it has been applied or WHAT calendar might be applied to any group. Combined with the fact that this CANNOT be done on the Enterprise, means the chances of a mistake is VERY HIGH as the process must be repeated for each DM with NO WAY to validate what was done.


ITCM 14.x
All Supported Operating Systems


Currently there is no mechanism from the ITCM DSM Explorer to check which Calendars might be attached to a Software Delivery package/job.

You can check the USD_TARGET MDB table directly, but this information is not visible from the DSM Explorer UI.

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