SOLVE:Access Session Management Password field support lower case characters
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SOLVE:Access Session Management Password field support lower case characters


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SOLVE:Operations Automation SOLVE:Access Session Management SOLVE:FTS SOLVE


Does the password field on the SOLVE:Access MAI region logon screen support the use of lower case characters ?
When considering this question , please assume that we have all latest maintenance applied - including that which introduced password passphrase support. But, noting that because the above support introduced a changed logon screen - ie/ the new longer password field is now on its own line below the userid field - we also have this ptf applied; TZ58827 (SO00814) SUPPORT XOPT = PWPHR / NOPWPHR TO CONTROL PW PHRASE. And we code XOPT=NOPWPHR to keep an unchanged logon screen - so the password field remains on the same line as the userid field .
So our question is, in our scenario, as described above, does the 8 x character password field support lower case characters ? 


Component: SACCES


PWMIX is the parameter used to enter the password in lower case (XOPT=PWMIX in the RUNSYSIN).
If your Security Product ACF2 or TOP SECRET or RACF is correctly configured to accept the lower case, then it should work.

If you have your own custom panels defined in this SOLVE:Access regions, then insert CAPS=NO in the field attribute and &CONTROL NOUCASE in the NCL procedure to take in account the lower case.

This is described in detail in Technical Document "How to run mixed case password through EASINET?"