CA View - IRX0250E Message Received, S047 Condition
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CA View - IRX0250E Message Received, S047 Condition


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Client is establishing external security for CA View, and when browsing a sysout in SAR, they receive the following messages:
IRX0250E System abend code 047, reason code 00000000.
IRX0255E Abend in host command ISPEXEC or address environment routine TSO.



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Here are points to consider:

The S047 error was occurring because of a missing definition in security for resource class CHA1VIEW.

ACF2 has an option that specifies NOAPFCHK that will ignore the STATUS=ACCESS call.
The option forces the caller to be APF authorized.
If they are not APF authorized, they will receive a S047 abend.
The abend can be resolved by specifying NOAPFCHK.

In this instance, the client needed to define resource class CHA1VIEW.