AVR problem
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AVR problem


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Dynam for VSE Dynam VSE Option


We installed a Luminex CGX and am having a problem that AVR isn't finding a volume once the CGX has mounted it. If I clear the owner id from the volume and update it the volume is selected. I tried changing OWNCHK to no and rerunning the job with the same results.



Component: DYNVS


A Dynam configuration issue.
CAISERV showed TAPECHK=YES specified which means unless the tape was initialized by Dynam/T, it will be bypassed during AVR.

Change to TAPECHK to NO and refresh the options.

Also verify you have OWNCHK=NO.

Additional Information

As it tured out, the real issue was the way they did the migration from the TS7740 to the Luminex. The status of the volume had changed on the 7740 from active to scratch and the status flag on the volume 1 header changed to unprotect while it stayed in a protect status on the Luminex thereby preventing Dynam to write to it.