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Question about Thread Term panel - LISTDB2


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LISTDB2 Command lists ACTIVE and INACTIVE DB2 systems on the "Thread Terminator DB2 Subsystem Display”Where does the "Thread Terminator DB2 Subsystem Display” obtain the list of ACTIVE and INACTIVE DB2 Systems?  Is it possible for the end user to not display systems that are INACTIVE?


DB2 V11 R20


The list of Active and Inactive DB2 Systems on the "Thread Terminator DB2 Subsystem Display" when LISTDB2 command is used, are the DB2 systems still defined to the z/OS. Thread terminator gets this information from the Xmanager, which goes through the z/OS SSCT chain and collects the DB2 Systems defined to the z/OS. Users will not be able to remove the subsystems that are inactive from this Thread Terminator display.