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Why does CA 7 generate a CAL2D132W message starting with the 12.0/12.1 version, indicating it cannot find the valid version identification in the User Exit?


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CA 7 Workload Automation


Hello, We have just recently got CA-7 r12.0 to start on one of our test systems. So we are checking out messages that seem unusual. One such message is  'CAL2D132W'  cannot find valid version identification in user exit SASSXXLX, SASSXXFF, SASSXX02 or SASSXX05.  This exit is of course our Logon exit. When I look up CAL2D132W it essentially says the message occurs because the source code for that exit does not have SASSVRSN at the top.  Can you validate this?



Component: 7


The recommendation is to code SASSVRSN VRSN=000 at the top. A new option with 12.0 and 12.1  requires the user exits to have the identifier at the beginning of the exit.