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FWSTrace.logs not being written to following a Web Agent Upgrade


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The Web Agent was upgraded from r12.52 SP1 cr08 to r12.52 SP1 cr09a.  As soon as this occurred, the "FWSTrace.log" files appeared to stop printing transactions in the file.

The file itself was being rotated at each start-up with a new active file being created.  The Headers were being printed at the top of the file, however, there was no log/trace data being printed to the FWStrace.log.  The 'AFFWebServices.log' is working just fine.

When the web agent is rolled back to r12.52 SP1 cr08, the trace data is written to the "FWSTrace.log" correctly.


Web Agent: Any
Web Agent Option Pack: any


The web agent and web agent option pack must be the same version, including CR level if installed on the same server.  The Web Agent was upgraded, but not the Web Agent Option Pack.  When the web agent was rolled back to r21.52SP1cr08, the FWSTracing began working again because the web agent and WAOP were now matching on the IIS server again.


Ensure that the Web Agent and Web Agent Option Pack on the web server(s) are the same versions including CR level.  Upgrades of one component requires that both components be upgraded when installed on the same host.

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Applicable Support Notes:
--> 4. Web Agent Option Pack notes:
-----> d. If the Web Agent and Web Agent Option Pack are installed on the same machine, 
--------->they must be the same version, including
--------->the Service Pack and CR version.