Moving to a Newer SQL Server/Version
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Moving to a Newer SQL Server/Version


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How to move to a new SQL Server? I know during a fresh install we can pick what SQL Server we want to use, but how to I migrate later? We are currently running on SQL Server 2008 and are trying to upgrade to SQL Server 2014. In 12.1 Web Viewer I see the properties for it in, but I see the password is already encrypted in there. How would this migration work?


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We recommend using MS SQL Backup & Restore to move the DB from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2014, then running the Web Viewer ConfigTool to point to new SQL Server. If the credentials are all the same, you could be finished at that point. If they are not, if the credentials changed, go through the ConfigTool to point to the new server AND provide the new credentials – you can’t encrypt it yourself. In any event, it’s best to use the ConfigTool and let it make the changes for you.