DevTest 10.x Setup files for Validating the Kafka Feature
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DevTest 10.x Setup files for Validating the Kafka Feature


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We looked at the capabilities of DevTest 10.x and we are interested in the Apache Kafka feature. We have test cases to validate the Kafka platforms wherein we should be able to push a message to a topic and read it at the subscriber end and assert the response

. Will you be able to provide us the setup file for DevTest 10.x version?


DEVTEST supported versions


We do not provide these jars. You will have to get the below jar files from your KAFKA server or from

As per our documentation:


Apache Kafka

DevTest Solutions requires Apache Kafka version 0.8.2 or later. Kafka 1.1.0 requires the following jars from KAFKA_HOME/libs directory:


See the Apache Kafka documentation ( or more information about the JAR files that you might need.

Note: The LISA_HOME\hotDeploy option is not supported for Apache Kafka. You must place these files in the LISA_HOME\lib directory.