How To Use ConnectorXpress To Connect To Provisioning Server and/or Connector Server


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When using ConnectorXpress, I see a button for "Add Provisioning Server" and a button for "Add Connector Server" (i.e. in the right side panel there is a Provisioning Server and a Connector Server tree). What is the difference and which one should I be using?


Component: IDSVA


The "Add Connector Server" is only intended to be used when there is a standalone Connector Server being used directly by Identity Governance and there is no Identity Manager or Provisioning Server involved.

If there is an Identity Manager and Provisioning Server involved that is interfacing with a Connector Server then you should not use the "Add Connector Server" but instead only use the "Add Provisioning Server".

Trying to directly manage a Connector Server which is in use by a Provisioning Server can lead to unexpected problems since you end up with conflicting data stored within the Connector Server and the Provisioning Repository.