snmpcollector query discovery server is not returning any devices


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


I have created some filter scopes to query in snmpcollector, to populate my devices but when I query the discovery server in snmpcollector it does not populate any devices. I have checked and I see the devices in USM or OC - Inventory view.


Component: UIMSNC


For UMP, make sure that the devices are listed in USM with the key over to the right of the device.
This is an indication that the device has been discovered using an snmp community that was provided in the discovery configuration.

For OC - Inventory view, when the device was discovered using an SNMP profile, it will be listed with the correct device type, for instance firewall. If instead it is listed just as device, it means it was discovered using other method.

If the devices do not have the key (UMP) or it appears as "device" in OC inventory view which means it was not discovered using an SNMP profile, the snmpcollector will reject them for population within snmpcollector.