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Budget plan Process workflow takes long time to start


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Budget plan worklow takes long time to start



1. Financially enable project
2. Create Manual Cost Plan, do with at least 80+ lines, Period Type = Monthly, Start Period = Jan 1, 2018-Jan 31, 2018 and Finish Period = Dec 1, 2019-Dec 31, 2019
Grouping Attributes: Cost Type, Resource Class and Transaction Class
3. You will need at least 7 Transaction Classes and Resource Classes
4. Open Cost Plan and click on Add, select All grouping values mentioned above (screenshot also attached)
5. Click on Save and Return
6. Make Cost Plan a Plan of Record
7. Click on Actions and select Submit Plan of Record for Approval and click on Submit for Approval
8. Observe it takes a while for Save to complete (in my Vanilla environment it took about 3 minutes)
9. Once Budget Plan was created successfuly, go to the Budget Plan and click on Processes tab to see if process was started and it did not. It takes about 5 more minutes for process to start. XOG attached process (bpm_processes_read_dd_out.xml)

Expected Results: Process should start right after Budget Plan was created. It should not take that long for Budget Plan creation.

Actual Results: Process does not start right after Budget Plan was created, it can take up to 5 minutes for process to start.


Component: PPMBPM


DE41271, Fixed in 15.6.1