Auto-Gen reports ignoring default CSV file name
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Auto-Gen reports ignoring default CSV file name


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Mainframe Application Tuner


I have a setting for CSV_DATASET in TUNUDEFS of 'REMOTE.&PROFILE.CSV' REMOTE is also the DSNPREFX in TUNSSP00.

However, when I attempt the auto-generation of the reports the .CSV file is not picking up the default name. See attached job log.

The RACF error is caused by the STC owner id does not have access to my TSO profile prefix (TDT169) in the joblog.


Component: MATUNE


From the active panel there is no way you will control the CSV dataset name or the options for batch but there will be a profile created for the active job you have just measured, which will all you to change the monitor definition.
That is:  Go to option 1 from main menu, filter your profile and line command B for batch to see and change the options applied for batch report, set CSV dataset to .TEMP not to request CSV report.

The other option is to use the Global option( G.2 and G.1 with .TEMP in TUNUDEFS) which will always take .TEMP and will not generate CSV( any thing you set here/default will be used only for global option with GIF file).