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Function Not Implemented in AWI


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When attempting to view a Report on an active BS2000 Job, the AWI returns "function not yet implemented."


Any 12.x AWI

1.) Select an active BS2000 Job in the Workflow Monitor and right click "report"
2.) Receive "Function not yet implemented" error:

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The root cause has been identified as an issue within the AWI. If the job is configured in such a way that the Output (Report) should remain on the Agent side and NOT stored on the database, the AWI attempts to read the report with the GETFILE method. This method is implemented for Windows/Unix Agents only, at the current time. 

The only workaround is to store the report on the database. If this doesn't resolve the issue, a scripted solution (provided by Professional Services or Community forums) will be required, depending on individual requirements. 


This issue has been found and fixed in the following AWI versions:

AWI 12.2.3 (Tentative Release: June 6th, 2019)
AWI 12.3.0 (Tentative Release: June 28th, 2019)


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