no trap redirection to model on different landscape
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no trap redirection to model on different landscape


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CA Spectrum


The customer noticed that traps are not mapped to their belonging model. One model is modeled on the Main location server (Trap director enabled) and one is modeled on another landscape.
The one on the MLS is a proxy model and on the remote landscape it is directly modeled.

With the AlertMap debug, it is possible to see that the trap is processed on the MLS, but no event is created, because it is a proxy model. The IP Address is also showing in the PIM table (VNM model -> Information tab -> Trap Management), when exported/printed.

Regarding the trap being forwarded to the Remote Landscape, the IP Address of the device is not mentioned in the Forwarding table, when printed.

Once the proxy model on the MLS is removed, the trap gets forwarded again.


Component: SPCAEM


Spectrum.10.2.3.D495a was created with a fix.

Customer installed the patch and the traps got forwarded, as expected.
No trap redirection to model on different landscape
(DE407743, 01311650)

Fix is planned to be included in Spectrum 10.4 (scheduled for release 2nd half CY19).