ARD Hub micro-services stop abruptly


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We have been experiencing some instabilities when saving files to ARD Hub However, this time the ARD micro-services shutdown (ard/api, ard/flow-storage. and ard/ims) and we cannot get them to restart.


Component: ARDOTH


There are some known stability issues when storing files to the ARD Hub version Engineering has a non-GA release to help address these stability issue, while Engineering focuses on the next GA release, which will be ARD 3.0. 

If you are experiencing stability issues while using ARD Hub, please contact Support and ask for the ARD release, as well as the 2.11 ARD Hub war files.

To upgrade the ARD: 
1. Stop Tomcat 
2. Open a File Explorer and navigate to %ProgramFiles%\Apache\Tomcat\webapps directory 
3. Delete any existing ard# directories, and the existing ard war files. 
4. Unzip the file containing the 2.11 ARD Hub war files 
5. Copy and paste the 2.11 war files into the %ProgramFiles%\Apache\Tomcat\webapps directory 
6. Upgrade ARD and all prerequisite software. 
7. Restart Tomcat 

Once Tomcat restarts, launch the Tomcat Management page and verified all the ARD Hub micro-services have restarted. Then launch ARD and connected to the ARD Hub and verify your access to the stored flows. 

If you have any remote users that also run ARD locally on their workstations, you will need to also upgrade these machines as well.