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When exporting data from PPM via "Export to CSV", dates greater then 2030 export as a 1900 date


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Export to CSV changes some dates to the wrong year (a 1900 date instead of a 2000 date) if the year is > 2030. Example: If the Avail Start date is 01/01/2030, it displays as 01/01/1930 in the CSV file. 

This is only an issue when exporting into CSV. When exporting to Excel, it is exporting fine. This issue happens on multiple portlets including the Team tab and Weekly Detail Portlet.

Steps to Reproduce:

1.    In Clarity PPM go to Home->Resource Management->Resource Planning->Allocations tab
2.    On the Weekly Detail portlet, add the field ‘Avail Finish’ to the list view
3.    Change the Avail Finish date for a resource to be greater then 2029 (example 01/01/2030)
4.    Click the Options/Wheel icon and select ‘Export to CSV’
5.    Open the CSV file
6.    View the Avail Finish date in the CSV

Expected Results: The date displays as 1/1/2030

Actual Results: The date displays as 1/1/1930


Release: CODSFF99100-15.6-PPM SAAS-Full Function User


In a comparison of the XLS vs CSV code on how the data is stored, xls is storing the whole 2040 string and CSV is storing 40. In excel anything after and including 30 as a year suffix will convert to a "19" prefix unless a "20" prefix is specified.


This issue has been reviewed as DE48872 and is tentatively planned to be fixed in 15.6.1.