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Cannot import RA FTP Job


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When a customer exports an RA FTP job object from V10 and imports it into V12, the following error message is observed when attempting to access the FTP tab:

Cannot convert FALSE to java.lang.Boolean$ConversionException


The root cause is that some values are stored as FALSE (ie: UPPERCASE) in the database/xml, instead of in lowercase. 

<component con="0" enc="0" type="2" value="false" xmlName="sourceNotFoundOption"/> 
<component con="0" enc="0" type="2" value="FALSE" xmlName="eraseSource"/> 


Any V12 environment.


There may have been direct database updates which resulted in changes to the database (apart from direct manipulation via the FTP panels). 

To check how many of them are stored, these may be corrected in the affected database by hand. The following query will show how many objects are currently affected: 

select OH.OH_Name, OCV.OCV_VName, OCV.OCV_Value from OH,OCV 
where OCV_OH_Idnr = OH.OH_IDNR 
and OH.OH_Deleteflag = 0 
and OCV.OCV_Value = 'FALSE'