cdm probe will not collect Disk Latency metrics on Linux RHEL 6 robots


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The cdm probe is configured to collect Disk Latency metrics, but the metrics are not collected by the probe on Linux RHEL 6 robots.
The cdm.log file at loglevel 5 shows messages similar to the following:

Mar 11 10:23:04:971 [140518575281920] cdm: calling syssyat
Mar 11 10:23:04:973 [140518575281920] cdm: sysstat version 9.0.4
Mar 11 10:23:04:973 [140518575281920] cdm: iostat version is 9 0 4
Mar 11 10:23:04:973 [140518575281920] cdm: The sysstat version is outdated, probe will not populate Latency Metrics


The cdm probe has a dependency on the 9.1.2 version of the sysstat package on Linux robots as documented in the cdm probe release notes:

The "Probe Specific Software Requirements" section of the probe's Release notes specifies the following:

"The probe also requires the following package for iostat monitoring. For more information, refer the official sysstat documentation.

* The sysstat package (Linux and Unix platforms)
* (From version 6.00) On Linux platforms, the probe requires sysstat 9.1.2 for disk latency metrics."


UIM Server:  Any version
cdm probe:  Any version from 6.30 on
OS:  Linux RHEL 6


On Linux RHEL 6 systems, the last version of the sysstat package is 9.0.4.  This version of the sysstat package does not provide the metrics the cdm probe needs to collect Disk Latency metrics.  These are only available in the 9.1.2 version of the sysstat package.

Third party 9.1.2 sysstat package for Linux RHEL 6 is available at the following link:

If the Linux administrator allows the installation of third partly sysstat packages, the 9.1.2 version can be downloaded and installed on the Linux RHEL 6 robot in order to collect Disk Latency metrics.
If not allowed, then it will not be possible to collect Disk Latency metrics on Linux RHEL 6 robots with the cdm probe.