In TPX a TSO inactive session sends messages and interrupts another TSO active session
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In TPX a TSO inactive session sends messages and interrupts another TSO active session


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


Users with more than one session can experience a problem where an inactive session times out (TSO timeout) and whatever messages the inactive session sends will interrupt the active user's session. 
For example, a user logs into TSOA and into TSOB. User continues to work in the TSOB session. Eventually the TSOA session reaches the SMF timeout and is cancelled. The cancel messages and termination messages are thrown onto the user's screen even if they are in the middle of typing. Then the screen goes back to the TPX menu, but not to the TSOB session.




The Output Option in the TSO application session was set to SWITCH.
This value was brought over during the Teleview migration to TPX. 


Remove SWITCH from the Output Option: ________ which is located on the second panel of the application session in either the profile or user maintenance panel.
See panel example below:
From the User Maintenance Panel in the Session Options: 

                   TPX Userid Maintenance Detail Panel
                                                             Panelid  - TEN0147
  Command ===>                                               Userid   - HHHHH01
                                                             Termid   - xxxxxxxx
 Userid:   HHHHH01            Session:  xxxxxxx              Date     - 05/02/19
 Applid:   ________                                          Time     - 13:46:20
 Label:          ________________________________
 Profile label:  TSO PROD SYSTEM
 ACT label    :  Production TSO
                                          Profile Defaults
 Output Option: _______                   ________
 Parm 1: ___________________________      ___________________________
 Parm 2: ___________________________      ___________________________
 Parm 3: ___________________________      ___________________________
 Parm 4: ___________________________      ___________________________
 Parm 5: ___________________________      ___________________________
 Parm 6: ___________________________      ___________________________
 Parm 7: ___________________________      ___________________________
 Parm 8: ___________________________      ___________________________
 SessionData: ____________________________________________________________
 Default:     ____________________________________________________________

Blank is the default.

The Output Option allows you to specify some action to be taken to inform the user that output has arrived in this session when the user is in another session.
ALARM -means that you wish for the terminal to sound an alarm when output arrives to this session.
MESSAGE -means that you wish for a breakin message to be sent to the foreground session when output arrives in this session.
SWITCH -means that you wish for the user to be automatically switched to this session when output arrives.