How do I force old data into MICS ?
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How do I force old data into MICS ?


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MICS Resource Management


All our jobs run over the weekend. I seem to have remembered doing something to CHECKPT file to force in data from a past date. 
We have run on Tuesday to collect data from Monday and again this morning to capture yesterday's data. My end user needs data from Saturday and Sunday though. 
So, we have to do something that will fake-out MICS into thinking it is OK to process data from a previous date. 
How do we force old data into MICS?



Running MICS r14.1


You can do the FORCE date range in Ops and Status Tracking panels for the unit(s) and components you want to force the data for. 
Section 4.2.4, 4.2.5, and in the PIOM talks about OST.   That's the easiest way. 

There is a manual way to enter the force in the checkpoint file directly as well, documented