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DB2 Tools R20, Where are the sample exits; EXIT01?


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In Database Management Tools for DB2 for z/OS R20 where are the sample security exits; EXIT01, EXIT02, EXIT03 and EXIT04?  In previous releases they were located in hilvl.CDBASRC.


Component: INS


In  Release 20 the Sample Security exits are located in:  hilvl.CDBASAMP.

They are now called BPAEXIT1 - 4.

Detail can be found on docops here.

Additional Information

Copy Batch Security Exits

In Version 20.0, the Batch Processor exits and related CSECT were renamed from EXIT01 to BPAEXIT1, EXIT02 to BPAEXIT2, EXIT03 to BPAEXIT3,

and EXIT04 to BPAEXIT4. To use customized exits from a previous release in Version 20.0, additional changes are required during the copy process

to rename the exit and CSECT name. Failure to do so will cause the process to use the default delivered exit instead of the customized version.