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Looking for some quick information on masking a DB2 AIX tables were when we don't have a unique index we get an error message that the masking does not work.

For Oracle we don't need index to mask and for SQL Server, if we don't have an index we can't use the PARALLEL option to more than one.

But for some reason one don't see anything for DB2.

We found a way to add a column and add a sequence but it's not optimal because it takes a lot of time our BDA, decided to run queries on the tables to find any empty row and add a sequence and index inside the empty column.

This is not optimal. What is the recommended option for DB2 ?


Component: TDMFDM


You can create an index on a column named Unique on Summary table.

When you go to Summary Tab, scroll to the right and you will find a column named Unique. In that column on the row you want to apply masking, enter in the column(s) that are your unique column. You can then name to column(s) with a comma to separate them. We are not asking to add new columns to the table/file to mask,we are requesting that you use columns that already exist to create a unique complex index.

Putting an index on the UNIQUE column resolved the issue.