How can I request a new feature or enhancement for CA IDMS?
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How can I request a new feature or enhancement for CA IDMS?


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Users often have ideas for new product enhancements or features. The process for making these requests may not be clear.   

Ideas for new product features or enhancement often originate from the CA IDMS User Community.These ideas are prioritized by the development team and either scheduled for implementation, prioritized, or rejected. 


This process applies to every CA IDMS environment.


To request a new CA IDMS feature or enhancement, there is a specific mechanism in place. Users need to:
1- Sign on to the CA IDMS Communities site (
2- On the left side of the screen, you'll see a heading called "categories", click "CA IDMS". If you don't see that, it's probably because you aren't a member of that community yet, or haven't signed up to follow it. You'll need to find the community (CA IDMS IUA EIUA) & join it in order to proceed.
3- Once you are seeing the posts for the CA IDMS Community, you'll see a new option on the left-hand menu bar titled "Actions". Under that you'll see an option "Create an Idea". Click that.
4- A new window will open with spaces you'll need to complete: a "Title" & "Persuasive Content". Then at the bottom please ensure that it shows "CA IDMS IUA EIUA" as the "Publish Location". You can choose a "category" for the idea towards the bottom of the screen if you like, specifying whether this would benefit CA IDMS in general,, Application Developers, or DBAs & Systems Programmers.
5- Once all the above are complete, hit "Create an Idea:" at the bottom of the screen. This will make it visible to the community at large as well as to our development team.
6- If you want to, you can also "Start a discussion" & post it to the Community at large, stating that you have created this idea & urging others to "vote" for it. In general, the more different users that vote up an idea, the faster development will move to implement it.
CA adopted this approach as a way to get a sense of which ideas had broad support in the user community, That helps the development team prioritize requests.