How to get the Inaccessible list of devices


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Hi, We are running CA PM 3.6 on linux, I need to find out the total list that has inaccessible, pingable in CA PM. 


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For a list pingables you go to administration ->group settings -> groups -> All Groups> Inventory> All Items> Pingable Devices.

There is no easy way to get the inaccessible. There is the GUI and you could look in REST but you would still need to go to each instance of every discovery to get the inaccessible device. To do this would need to Go to http::8581/rest/discoveryprofiles -> find the profile you want to see the inaccessible devices for and then get the list of discovery instances from the DiscoveryInstanceIDList section. Then check each individual instance for inaccessible devices by going to http::8581/rest/discoveryinstances/ID and see the IPs.