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Is there a way to manually enter work hours within a project?


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Is there a way to enter total of hours (free entry of actuals) for each task that can be calculated automatically for the summary task in the Gantt view if we aren't using timesheets in Clarity PPM? 


Component: ODSTU


The one option available to enter hours using free entry would be to use one of the scheduler tools Open Workbench (OWB) or Microsoft Project (MSP).

The steps below walk the user through steps using MSP as an example, but similar steps could be used for OWB:

Prerequisite: Make sure % Complete calculation method of the project is set to “Manual” (Which is the supported calculation method in working with schedulers). Important: It's not supported to change this value once a project has started as it can impact data on tasks including status. 
  1. Ensure resources are open for time entry and track mode of None in Resource Management
  • Go to Home->Resource Management->Resources
  • Click on the link to the Resource
  • Click on the ‘Properties’ tab drop down and select ‘Settings’
  • Make sure ‘Open for Time Entry’ is checked and ‘Track Mode’ is set to ‘None’ and save changes
       2. In the project properties:
  • Click on the Properties tab for the project
  • Change the Properties tab drop down and select ‘Settings' (or the applicable subpage where the fields are stored)
  • Make sure ‘Open for Time Entry’ is checked and ‘Track Mode’ is set to ‘None’ and save changes
       3. On the Team tab:
  • Click on the cell under the Open for Time Entry column for the team member, which will make the field editable
  • From the drop down, select ‘Yes’
  • Save changes
       4. On the Task Tab:
  • Add the Open for Time entry field to the task list view if not there already
  • Change the Open for time entry field to allow editing if it's not editable
    • Click on the wheel (options) icon and select Configure
    • From the List Column Selection tab drop down, select Fields
    • Click the Properties icon next to Open for Time entry
    • Check ‘Allow Editing’ on the bottom of the page and click Save and Return two times
  • Open the tasks for time entry
    • From the Task list, click on the cell under the Open for Time Entry column next to the task and select Yes from the drop down.
    • Repeat the above step for each task on the page that should be Open for time and save changes.
        5. Enter time in MSP
  • Open the project in MSP
  • Go to View->Task Usage
  • Add the Actual Work column to the view
  • Right click in the Time Scale value section and select ‘Actual Work’ to add Actual Work to the Time scale section
  • Now actual work can be entered in either the Time Scale view on a particular day (or week if the view is set to weekly).
  • Alternatively, totals for the task can be entered for the user in the Actual Work column.
    • To Enter time for a specific user, in the Task Usage view, go to the task, and enter the hours next to the assignment the hours should be submitted for in the Actual Work column or Actual Work cell (In the Times scale section)
  • Save changes